New paper out: α-Secretase processing of APP is linked to synaptic deficits in Fragile X syndrome

Amyloid precursor protein (APP) was known to be an mRNA targeted by FMRP for translation regulation, but in this new study, lead by Dr Emanuela Pasciuto, we identified a molecular mechanism that leads to increased levels and maturation of the soluble APPα in the FXS mouse model.  A lack of FMRP in early development leads to excessive production of APP and its regulating secretase, ADAM10, affecting neuronal development and behavior. This indicates an important role for the non-amyloidogenic pathway of APP processing in pathological processes.The paper was published in Neuron (see here for Pubmed link). Also see here for coverage on the VIB website and here for a great write up in the AlzForum.

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